17 Amazing Facts About Chinese Food You Didn’t Know!

Chinese food is getting popular these days, and most people love it. Some people think that they are not so good for health, but I will prove them wrong by sharing 17 amazing facts about Chinese food that you didn’t know before.

It was believed that the Chinese ate mice and other rodents, but now it is proved that they don’t. They use lots of different vegetables and fruits which are grown in China. These are the main ingredients of their dishes. They use meat only in minimal quantities. Mostly, they use seafood like fish and shrimp. They also eat eggs, but it is only occasionally. They rarely drink milk or eat dairy products. It is believed that they have been eating rice since time immemorial, but now we know that is not true. The history books say that they started to eat rice around 2700 BC. But now, we know that is not true either.

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Rice was introduced to them by the foreign traders who came to China thousands of years ago. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that they are the oldest civilization globally, and they have been eating noodles for a long time. It was believed that the Chinese did not have any spices, but now it is proved that is not true. Indeed, they do not use pepper, but they use quite a few other spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, and cloves.

They use garlic and onions as a seasoning too. Most of their dishes have sweet and sour flavors. They love to eat food with spicy flavors, but they do not like it when you make their food too spicy. They want food to be hot, but not too hot. They are very particular about the salt that is added to their food. They like almost all their food to be salted, even vegetables.

They often eat salted foods like rice, noodles, meats, seafood, and eggs. They do not like their food bland. They love to eat crunchy, chewy, oily, crispy, soft, and everything in-between. They like different kinds of food textures in their meals. When it comes to eating Chinese food, they do not care much about what they are eating as long as it tastes good. They like to eat food with many different flavors, and they never get tired of trying new dishes.

Chinese food is healthy but not very popular among people on a diet. It has a shallow fat content and is very low in calories. It is one of the few cuisines that does not use butter or cream. There is hardly any oil used in Chinese cooking. It is believed that the Chinese have the best teeth in the world. They never have a bland meal. They eat only with their mouth and never use their hands. They use chopsticks instead of knives and forks.

This helps them to keep their teeth clean. The Chinese believe that they have the best eyesight in the world. This is because they avoid reading books after the age of 30 and this helps them keep their eyes healthy. They also avoid watching TV after the same period. This is because it causes eye strain. The Chinese believe that their skin is the most beautiful part of their body. This is why women pay a lot of attention to their skin when seeking beauty treatment.

The Chinese believe that wrinkles are the first sign of the aging process. So, they try to stay away from having wrinkles. They use an herbal cream made up of 23 herbs, and it has been proved to reduce wrinkles by 70%. It is sold under the brand name “Yili”. It is widely used by the older generation in China, but now younger people use it. The Chinese believe that they have the best sense of smell in the world.

This is why they love to eat food that has a strong smell. They often eat foods that have been steamed or boiled. This is because foods that have been cooked in this way have a much more intense aroma. The Chinese believe that they have the best hearing in the world. This is why they love listening to music while they eat. They often eat spicy and sour flavors together. This combination enhances the taste buds and gives a person a fantastic sensation when they eat. They often eat foods that are chewy and soft.

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