Award-winning 50s American diner up on the market as proprietors retire after 15 years

A famous 50s-fashion American diner has been put on the market as the owners make plans to retire. The 50s American Diner in Albert Village, northwest Leicestershire, has been run by Jeff Laight and Trish Whitehouse for 15 years.

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But ‘with a heavy heart,’ the couple announced on their Facebook web page that they had positioned the diner up on the market as they make plans to retire due to ‘age and sick health’. Jeff told LeicestershireLive: “It’s time to transport on, regrettably. It’s simply one of those matters. “We’ve been doing it for 15 years. That is a long term. “It was a genuinely awful choice; I don’t assume Trish has come to terms with it yet. “We built it up, and it has been our lives given that 2004.

“We most effective open three days a week, but I turned into here for 12 hours the day before this (a day the diner wasn’t open) sorting matters out, so it is full-on looking to preserve it going. It takes a lot of maintenance.” The diner, which has a 5-superstar food hygiene score and has received ‘Best World Cuisine’ on The Food Awards England for two years running, is currently only open on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays, due to Jeff and Trish’s semi-retirement.

But the owners have said there might be ‘massive demand’ for longer hours, as well as the capability to grow revenue with the aid of introducing alcohol to menus with the precise license. The social media submission also stated the business is ‘one hundred in keeping with cent prepared to be taken over and make money from day one.’ Jeff said: “It’s in the marketplace for plenty less than marketplace fee because we want a person to hold on exactly how it’s far in the interim.

“We really want a patron to take it over.

“I’ve had 72 humans private message me approximately the diner. It will take a long term to sell it, and we are no longer going everywhere in the meantime.” Ahead in their full retirement, Jeff and Trish have plans to unwind. Jeff said: “We have a farm in Bulgaria in which we would really like to go extra. And we’ve got my canine and my cats. So we will discover other things to do. “But we can shed a tear at the top of it.” Fans of the eatery have been brief to comment on the put-up with fond memories of how plenty they love the diner. One said: “An era long past by for positive. I do apprehend retirement, even though! Much love and precise luck with your challenge.”

Another commented: “Sorry to hear which you are retiring. I desire you to discover a person who can take this piece of history on.” Another patron said: “Someone goes to be buying something very, very unique. I’m so jealous. I wish I had the money to make investments!!” And any other commented: “Enjoy your retirement. Absolutely super place, the food is wonderful as well as the carrier. Hope someone snaps this up and continues with the success of this wonderful diner.”

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