Breakfast taste take a look at: the high-quality smoothies and juices, mueslis and bacon butties

Orange juices
Marks & Spencer’s sparkling orange juice with juicy bits

This tastes like the real deal. Sharp, candy, clean and juicy with high-quality bits of orange in there. It sincerely tastes freshly squeezed. A clear favored.

Asda Extra Special’s freshly squeezed orange juice with bits

This is what you want from an orange juice – well-balanced sweetness and acidity. It tastes great fresh.
Co-op Irresistible’s freshly squeezed orange juice

It’s got great bits in it and I just like the sharpness but it’s no longer as balanced as some of the others. It’s clean but no longer particularly memorable.
Tesco Finest’s orange juice with bits

I’m no longer very into this one. It’s thinner than the others and doesn’t flavor as freshly squeezed . There’s a lingering bitter aftertaste that I’m now not eager on.

By Sainsbury’s Gut Instinct spinach, ginger and aloe vera smoothie

Delicate, there’s a slightly floral note – I suppose that’s the aloe. Not too sweet. Good kick from the ginger.
Pret A Manger’s avo smoothie

Looks like pea soup. Good sharpness. Thick and creamy, however sparkling, no longer claggy, definitely has some lime or lemon juice in it.
Tesco’s superb inexperienced smoothie

Smells appealing, find it irresistible has something tropical taking place … lots sweeter than the others. Very difficult to parent what end result are in there … Kids will love it, however for me, too sweet.
Leon’s smooth inexperienced shake

Wow, this is so thick. You can’t certainly drink it, you have to take a mouthful. It can be brisker than the others? Reminds me of kiwi … which I’m now not mad on. I don’t truely love this, it’s pulpy.

Co-op’s Greek-fashion natural yogurt

Ooh, this has a simply right, active mouth-puckering sharpness and a cute freshness. It feels pretty virtuous, but it’s also indulgent. Very nice.
Marks & Spencer’s unsweetened Greek-fashion yogurt

Fresh, clean and creamy with an excitable tang. Could be fantastic with a fruit compote or a few uncooked honey stirred via – really stable breakfast building block.
Yeo Valley’s organic Greek-fashion herbal yogurt

Very creamy and smooth with a nice, diffused tang and a nice grassy lushness. Really well-balanced flavour.
Tims Dairy Greek-fashion natural yogurt

I love the thickness and the freshness, but the texture is a bit grainy and lumpy in places.

Benugo’s fruit and nut bircher

The blueberries look lovable. Nice consistency, creamy. The dried fruit interior is plump and the flavour well balanced. The heat spice and crunchy almonds region it at the top.
Pret A Manger’s tropical bircher

Good sharpness. I just like the mango-coconut mixture. A little runny, wishes a bit greater grain. Not too sweet. Juicy mango.
Costa’s berry bircher

Good crunchy apple going thru it. It’s were given a nice sharpness, creamy too, good texture. I just like the crunchy pumpkin seeds and candy cranberries. Nicely balanced.
Sainsbury’s on the move summer season berry bircher fashion muesli

I just like the pumpkin seeds. But the texture isn’t always as creamy as the others, a piece gloopy.


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