Coffee Design: Paper Cup Drawings With Moonsub Shin

Freelance illustrator Moonsub Shin is popping single-use paper cups into works of art. Born and raised in South Korea, Moonsub Shin moved to New York City in 2007 and commenced drawing on paper cups in 2017.


Coffee Design: Paper Cup Drawings With Moonsub Shin 1

Drawing interiors, coffee equipment, and baristas, Moonsub Shin captures the vibe and diffused details of each cafe. We’ve visible cups pop-up on display on counters in Portland and New York. We linked through email to learn extra.
We first met you as you have been illustrating on a espresso cup at the New York Coffee Festival remaining yr. How lengthy have you been drawing on espresso cups?

I call it “Paper-cup Drawing” and it’s been years due to the fact I commenced the undertaking.

We’ve visible your cups proudly displayed at cafes around the world. How many cups have you ever illustrated because you’ve started this mission?

I don’t depend the exact numbers of the cup drawings. I assume they is probably approximately 300.

It usually takes 30 minutes however once in a while takes an hour. It depends on the conditions. Capacities of the cup, cup’s floor, and what I need to draw on it.

You spend a while in South Korea and New York City—wherein are some of your favorite locations to drink espresso in the ones places?

Here are a number of my preferred cafes in each cities:

NYC – Partners Coffee, Devocion, Coffee Project NY, Felix Roasting Company

Seoul – Fritz Coffee Company, Manufact Coffee, Gray Gristmill

That is one of these difficult query. Both cities have such a lot of first-rate cafes. It’s so tough to choose just a few cafes. Actually, my domestic is the fine area to experience espresso because I can do whatever I want!

What are you brewing at home now?

I’m consuming iced pour-over espresso. The coffee is Costa Rica Perla Del Cafe Typica Natural, roasted via Fritz Coffee Company in Seoul. Usually I also make espresso, cappuccino, latte, and bloodless brew at domestic.

How do you are making it?

I’m the usage of a Breville BES 860XL for coffee-primarily based coffee, Hario V60, Chemex, and HOLZKLOTZ for the pour-over coffee, Bean Plus Cold Brew Coffeemaker for the cold brew. Wow… now I recognize I have a whole lot of equipment.


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