Coffs Harbour, NSW is an attractive

 A little coastal city located on New South Wales’ northern coast. It is around 440 km south of Brisbane, 385 km north of Newcastle, and about 540 km away from Sydney.

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour, NSW, is densely populated despite its diminutive size, with a regular population of around 70,000 to 100,000, which rises during holiday seasons. This population is expected to rise to 80,000 in a few years, owing to the endless stream of people flocking to the idyllic harbor area. Nonetheless, Coffs Harbour retains its small-city charm that pulls many who wish to trade in the bustle of the big cities for the peace and bliss of a small city by the coast. The coastal city is the perfect location for this. And to make things even better, the area, settled between impressive backdrops of mountains and beautiful beaches, boasts of the best living climate in Australia.

Coffs Harbour, NSW is made up of various suburbs and precinct areas, including Coffs Harbour City Centre, Coffs Harbour Jetty, Diggers Beach, Moonee Beach, Korora, Red Hill, Park Beach, South Coffs, West Coffs, and Sapphire Beach. Aside from that, the city is also surrounded by many other small towns that are generally considered part of the region. Some are Bellingen, Nana Glen, Coramba, Karangi, Upper Orara, Sawtell, and Woolgoolga. In the early days, the area was a thriving timber-producing center, contributing to its steady growth. Now, however, it is a well-known banana-producing region. On the other hand, its name was given by John Korff, a man who took shelter there during an 1847 storm. Originally, the name was Korff’s Harbour but was changed by accident when the land was reserved in 1861.

Just as dense and varied as its population, the attractions of Coffs Harbour, NSW, also abound. Coffs Harbour, NSW, is the place to go if you are looking for variety in one small, easily accessible place. Thanks to its ideal location right where the Pacific Ocean and the Great Dividing Range meet, the coastal city offers both culture and nature. The city’s history also plays a role in building up the great offers of the city. While there, you will find the Coffs Harbour Jetty, a historical timber wharf, the Solitary Islands Marine Park, an underwater ecosystem park, the Bellinger River National Park, the Bindarri National Park, the Coffs Coast Regional Park, Corrigo National Park, Ulidarra National Park, Yuraygir National Park, the Coffs Harbour Regional Botanic Garden, among many others. There is also a natural reef perfect for underwater diving. And of course, there’s the Big Banana, which celebrates Coffs Harbour, NSW, and its banana produce. It may be a small city, but Coffs Harbour, NSW, is more than meets the eye.


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