Dietary Supplements

India nutraceuticals marketplace evaluate:

The nutraceutical and nutritional dietary supplements market in India remains at a nascent stage. Nutraceuticals are merchandise that improves fitness situations and features medicinal advantages that aid in preventing and treating illnesses. The nutraceuticals marketplace in India turned into worth INR 260 Bn in 2017 and is expected to attain INR 808 Bn through 2023, increasing at a CAGR of ~17%.

Dietary Supplements


  • The nutraceuticals market is segmented into the subsequent sorts:
  • o Functional meals
  • o Functional liquids
  • o Dietary dietary supplements

Dietary supplements dominate the marketplace with a sixty-five % proportion, and purposeful food and drinks account for 35% of the global nutraceuticals marketplace. India currently debts for ~2% of the global nutraceuticals market. In India, the city penetration level of nutraceuticals is around 22.15%, and rural penetration is approximately 6.32%. Urban penetration is extra because the call for dietary protein supplements increases in most urban adolescents because of enthusiasm for keeping fit and building a robust body. In addition, an increase in buying energy and rising disposable income have precipitated Indians to be extra conscious about their health and adopt diets that make sure adequate consumption of nutritional supplements.

Indian nutritional dietary supplements marketplace assessment:

Dietary dietary supplements are merchandise consumed inside the shape of powder, capsules, or liquid to make up for the deficiency brought on because of the shortage of a balanced eating regimen. Based on product kind, the dietary supplements marketplace is segmented into:

  • o Vitamin
  • o Herbal
  • o Probiotic
  • o Omega-3
  • o Protein Supplements

The nutritional supplements market in India is expected to grow CAGR of ~20% from 2015 to 2023. Dietary supplements marketplace segmentation:


Vitamins and minerals occupy a more significant share of the pie in the Indian dietary supplements market – forty% – followed by the herbal section contributing 30%, proteins section contributing 25%, and different segments providing around 5% of the whole market. Vitamin and mineral supplements consist of micronutrients that assist the frame feature nicely and improve intellectual fitness. The diet and mineral dietary supplements market contain around one hundred marketplace gamers. The urban populace in India that is living in metro cities predominantly consumes dietary protein supplements. On the other hand, cardiac, anti-diabetic, dermatology, vaccines, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are the quickest growing segments inside the nutritional supplements marketplace.


Vitamin supplements dominate the nutritional dietary supplements market in India. Amway India Enterprises Limited is the marketplace chief within the vitamins and dietary supplements segment, with ~33.Eight% marketplace proportion, followed by way of Pfizer Limited, Merk, Bayer, and Abbott. Probiotic pills and dietary supplements dominate Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Tablets India, and USV India.

Key increase drivers of the market:

Rapid digitization and increase in social media utilization have multiplied recognition regarding nutrition care and stepped forward to get the right of entry to vital information. Changing existence is growing the occurrence of numerous illnesses consisting of diabetes, blood stress, obesity, and cardiovascular issues. In urban areas, higher-profit agencies are the primary customers of nutritional dietary supplements, which may develop at a big charge. Moreover, growing fitness awareness, the speedy boom of the e-trade market, and growth in line with capita earnings are using the boom of the dietary supplements marketplace in India.

Key challenges of the market:

The lack of a clear regulatory framework has been a prime assignment to increasing the nutritional dietary supplements market in India. Around 60% of the dietary supplements offered across India are faux, counterfeit, unregistered, and unapproved, similarly to being extraordinarily hard to perceive. In India, dietary protein supplements are priced high, making them pretty expensive for consumption daily by the decrease center elegance and rural population of the usa.

Key trends in the market:

Dietary supplement producers offer an increasing quantity of statistics to clients to make them aware of their products. Market gamers are presently venturing several measures to win purchaser trust and improve universal exceptional standards within the enterprise. Consumers decide on dosages inside the shape of tablets considering they’re easier to swallow and provide extra components flexibility. Liquid encapsulation is one of the emerging technology, and it offers superior safeguarding of the components via moisture safety.

Competitive landscape:

Some of the essential players running within the market consist of:

  • o Abbott India Ltd.
  • O Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  • O Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
  • O Dabur India Ltd.
  • O GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.
  • O Herbalife International India Pvt. Ltd.
  • O The Himalaya Drug Company
  • o Merck Ltd.
  • O Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.
  • O Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Notable Development:

In March 2018, Amway Enterprises India Ltd. Released Nutrilite inside the herbal section. The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range includes Nutrilite Tulsi, Nutrilite Brahmi, Nutrilite Ashwagandha, Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki, and Haritaki.

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