Ellettsville café offering free espresso to those assisting with typhoon cleanup

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. – After maintaining damage in this weekend’s storms, an Ellettsville coffee save is giving returned.

Heritage Trail Café and Coffee Roasters is supplying loose espresso to all software employees and crews supporting with storm cleanup.

The coffee shop itself lost a large refrigerator in the storms.

“We’re hoping that as a minimum over the next couple days, or however lengthy it’s going to be, that we can as a minimum caffeinate,” stated Jordan DeHaven, social media contributor for the espresso saves. “Get some coffee out to the team and volunteers who’re out trying to make a distinction, seeking to assist their associates.”

The folks at Heritage Trail say they recognize others lost extra than them and that they want to help in any way they could.

“Yeah, lots of human beings coming in and saying that they just got energy returned early this morning or they still don’t have the energy or their buddies misplaced their roof or whatever the case may be,” stated DeHaven.

Obviously, espresso is what they realize excellent.

“It becomes properly to be in the caffeinating business today because it does make you sense like you could assist a touch bit despite the fact that it’s not a whole lot,” stated DeHaven

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