Employee at Spring Hill pizza eating place


Fla. — An employee at a Spring Hill pizza restaurant tested high quality for hepatitis A, the department of health introduced Tuesday.



Everything you want to recognize about hepatitis A inside the Tampa Bay vicinity According to DOH-Hernando, the worker can also have uncovered shoppers at Village Pizza Restaurant on May 29 and June five. BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — An worker at a Spring Hill pizza restaurant tested wonderfully for hepatitis A, which was introduced Tuesday. RECOMMENDED: Everything you need to know approximately hepatitis A in the Tampa Bay location

According to DOH-Hernando, the employee may have exposed shoppers at Village Pizza Restaurant between May 29 and June 5. Anyone who visited the eating place at some stage in that point frame ought to reveal symptoms of hep A, which encompass unexpected onset of belly soreness, darkish urine, fever, diarrhea, light white stools, and yellow pores and skin and eyes (jaundice).

Anyone experiencing those symptoms has to are looking for medical interest. The hepatitis A vaccine might also provide safety against the ailment if given within weeks after exposure, officers say. Therefore, the vaccination is suggested for all who ate or drank at the eating place between June four and five.

DOH-Hernando is presenting the hepatitis A vaccine without spending a dime at the Spring Hill region of the Health Department with prolonged hours on June 18 and 19 from eight:30 a.M. Until 5:30 p.M.

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