Catering device fitness and safety accreditation scheme gathers momentum

Cedar has expressed its satisfaction on the uptake of its new cedaSAFE Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme, which turned into a launched ultimate month.

Sixteen members and companions have already carried out and effectively exceeded their checks in June and have been issued with their accreditation certificates.Catering device fitness and safety accreditation scheme gathers momentum 1

These consist of agencies of all sizes as the scheme is designed to provide a price-powerful solution for all groups.

Derek Maher, Ceda chairman and managing director of Crystaltech Services, one of the founder applicants, said: “The formation of an enterprise protection accreditation inside the form of cedaSAFE will improve the profile and credibility of the catering gadget career and significantly reduce the quantity of repetitive and pointless office work required to assess subcontractors.

“Manufacturers that subcontract their service maintenance can have their contractors audited by way of a competent carrier provider, and ceda members who offer their provider to several industry individuals will substantially gain from having just one accreditation.”

If an applicant already has an SSiP accreditation, then they best have to finish a few simple questions as a way to attain the certificates at a very competitive £a hundred and twenty consistent with annum.

CedaSAFE turned into devised after discussions with the Health and Safety Executive, who highlighted the want for an unmarried evaluation widespread for the foodservice, catering and hospitality enterprise, to reduce the bureaucracy and costs related to the diverse pre-qualification tests available on the market.

CedaSAFE is now both the maximum fee-powerful and the greenest accreditation to attain, as it calls for most effective the maximum essential information to be finished. However, it nevertheless achieves the same middle standards of other schemes presently to be had.

Companies can gain accreditation to sell their business as working to the very best tiers of independently established Health and Safety requirements. They also can assess the suitability of any subcontractors used by insisting that they may be cedaSAFE authorized.

The agencies that have received their accreditation up to now are:

● KCM Catering Equipment
● Tailor-Made Catering Equipment Services
● Archer Catering Systems
● Apeiron Catering Ltd
● YCE Catering Equipment
● AGORA – Bunzl UK
● CHR Food Service Equipment
Catering Design Group
● Crystaltech Services (UK)
● Whitco Catering and Bakery Equipment
● Marren Microwave
● Hobart UK – ITW Ltd T/A Hobart UK
● Barca Supreme
● The rational UK
● Gastronorth
● C&C Catering Equipment

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