Foodstirs Rebrands & Launches Ready-to-Eat Line

Baking blend maker Foodstirs is executing a complete logo makeover that consists of new packaging, brand, tagline, and system, in addition to the release of a brand new prepared-to-eat line of baked treats.

Foodstirs Rebrands

Founded in 2014, Foodstirs evolved from a subscription baking package organization and entered retail in 2016. Since then, co-founders Galit Laibow, Greg Fleishman, and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar have brought the line of the cookie, cake, pancake, and bar mixes into 10,000 stores — most these days picking up 3,000 Walmart places. The emblem is subsidized with Mucker Capital, Presence Marketing Founder, CEO Bill Weiland, Cambridge Companies SPG, and Beechwood Capital.

For its first task into ready-to-devour products, Foodstirs introduces character clutch-and-pass lines of miniature donuts, muffins, and cakes in plastic-wrapped sleeves. Each will contain either 4 or six treats and feature a cautioned retail fee of $2.99 to $three.99, depending on the SKU. Product rollout is currently underway in Whole Foods Market Northeast region shops in addition to Fred Meyer. The logo aims to begin countrywide distribution in October to secure placement in 2,000 stores with the aid of year’s cease.

Fleishman and Laibow informed NOSH that an equipped-to-devour line has long been a part of the organization’s roadmap. “It usually becomes our purpose to build an emblem platform that would be extendable,” Laibow stated. “We took the remaining several years building a superb network, building a brand that human beings can believe and now are going from being able to supply a product that you could use on unique occasions and enjoy, to being a customer product that may be used for your everyday lifestyles.”

Fleishman noted that everyday use case, together with the bakery category as an entire, has advantages for the company’s backside line. For example, grab-and-pass items see an awful lot quicker turns than baking mixes, he said. At the same time, the bakery phase additionally commonly has lower slotting prices and less promoting down of products than middle store.

The agency has constructed a brand new DSD network to aid the entrance into a snack, maximum recently adding Rainforest Distributors. The product can be brought to shops frozen, after which defrosted to be bought as a shelf-strong bakery presenting with a 30-day shelf existence. Freezing is a not unusual preservation technique for smooth label baked goods, but Laibow and Fleishman said Foodstirs wanted to avoid the frozen food section, in which most people of this merchandise are sold.

“Sometimes you just want a clutch-and-go [item] to devour proper away and comfort yourself via the power of those indulgent meals gadgets,” Fleishman said. “When there’s a step introduced to the take hold of-and-go enjoy, we’ve heard constantly from clients that it just takes them out of the mode of wanting instantaneous indulgence.”

Along with the new equipped-to-devour line, which has 50% much less sugar than traditional alternatives, the emblem has reformulated its entire portfolio of mixes to have 25% less sugar than the conventional opposition. In a procedure Fleishman dubbed “sugar optimization,” the agency transitioned from using biodynamic and organic cane sugar and brown sugar to a blend of stevia, tapioca syrup, agave inulin, brown sugar, and biodynamic cane sugar.

The logo has also launched a rebrand of its packaging and mission. Regarding the latter, Foodstirs packaging will not predominantly game its tagline of “present-day baking” in want of the brand new positioning of “Junk-Free Bakery.” A shift, Laibow said, is reflective of the brand’s evolution from focusing on growing an “increased revel in” within the baking aisle to now being approximately a laugh and whimsy,

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