Gold coin for finishing pizza challenge

A pizzeria inside the Çiğli district of the Aegean province of İzmir has been challenging its clients to complete a menu such as a 60-centimeter diameter pizza in half-hour. The reward for completing the project is a quarter of a gold coin.

pizza challenge

“The opposition has been ongoing for six months, and we have had around 1,000 humans strive the venture. However, the simplest six people had been successful to date,” Volkan Kantarcı, proprietor of the pizzeria and a graduate of the İzmir-based Ege University’s Food Engineering Faculty, became quoted as pronouncing by way of kingdom-run Anadolu Agency on July 17.

The special menu called “30dk60cm” consists of a 60-centimeter diameter pizza, 350 grams of French fries, and a liter of beverage. Anyone who’s able to finish the spread within 30 minutes gets rewarded with 1 / 4 of a gold coin well worth 429 Turkish Liras ($75). They also do not pay for the foods and drinks they eat.

But, if one loses the venture, they should pay a hundred Turkish Liras ($17). Indicating that he has been carrying out this venture for the last six months, Kantarcı stated: “Not handiest our pizzas are delicious, however additionally filling [for the stomach]. So, it’s far quite tough to finish the 60-centimeter diameter pizza [in 30 minutes]. Approximately 1,000 people joined the undertaking, and to this point, six human beings were a hit.”

“I’ve tried to do the assignment before, but I failed; however, my friends and I had a fantastic time. It’s enormously enjoyable to watch contestants try the assignment,” one of the clients, Berrin Candan, said. “I become thinking that I may want to win the quarter of the gold coin. However, it did no longer take place. I clogged up [due to overeating]. I will try my exchange once more,” said any other patron named Ekin Arıkan, a scientific scholar.

Pizza. It’s one of America’s most cherished ingredients. But with obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart sickness on the rise, many human beings are searching out approaches to reduce fats and LDL cholesterol. Unfortunately, pizza doesn’t exactly have the recognition for being the maximum wholesome choice on the menu.

The proper news is, if you’re seeking to eat more healthily, you don’t ought to reduce pizza out of your weight-reduction plan. But, of course, if you decide on greasy pizza loaded with cheese and sausage, then properly, you will make a few sacrifices. But do not worry. You can nonetheless get a brilliant-tasting pizza using making a few simple adjustments to your tacky, greasy pie.

The Crust

Every outstanding pizza starts with a splendid crust. But a super crust ought not to be thick, greasy, and gooey. The high-quality way to ensure a more healthy crust is to make your dough at home instead of ordering take-out. Making homemade pizza crust offers you the manipulate over the components. Here are some pointers for making healthier pizza crust at domestic:

Use whole wheat flour as opposed to white.

If you are now not prepared for complete wheat, try the usage of 1/2 entire wheat and half white flour.
Use half of your prepared dough and positioned the half inside the freezer or fridge for every other day.
Roll the dough out for a skinny crust rather than thick. Limit the usage of melted butter on the crust, or use a low-fat alternative or olive oil.

Of direction, it is not usually possible to make a homemade pizza, so if you find yourself shopping for a pizza in the frozen food phase or a restaurant, look for those options: Cracker-skinny crust! This will nearly continually save you on fats and calories: the wheat crust or another low-fat crust choice. Opt for a smaller pizza because it is manner too smooth to have too much of a great element.

The Sauce

Pizza sauce may be fairly smooth to make at home by using some clean tomatoes, adding some herbs and olive oil in a blender, and mixing well. You also can use store-sold sauce, but cautious about looking at the label. Pizza sauce is notoriously high in sugar, so look for a low-sugar alternative or persist with creating an easy sauce at home. Try and stay away from Alfredo and cream sauces. Instead, stick with blended fresh tomatoes or use a mild drizzle of olive oil instead of conventional pizza sauce.


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