Massey Hill Deli offers traditional American deli cuisine

Let us know your place: The Massey Hill community in Fayetteville has a new deli eating place — Massey Hill Deli, which opened in March. It is positioned on Cumberland Road, next to the roundabout. “We are excited to be in this perfect vicinity,” stated Dynasty Autry, who is the manager.

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The deli is owned via Phillip Atkins and brothers Hisham and Almgded Alsaede, who have been friends in excessive faculty, she said. The website online formerly housed Polly’s Kitchen and Let’s Eat Grill & Deli.

“This is a popular spot to get fresh-made sandwiches and burgers, as well as fried chook and wings. Lunch receives very busily,” she said. Boar’s Head meats and cheeses are used inside the made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches. “Everything is delicious, and not anything is artificial,” she stated. The deli’s meats and cheeses are also sold with the aid of the pound.

Plans encompass including a new line of fresh bloodless liquids, providing actual lemonade. A flat-display TV will also be introduced to the eating region, she stated. Specialties: The deli sandwiches, the homemade all-red meat cheeseburgers, warm dogs, and the fried fowl and chicken wings are the residence specialties. “They are all famous,” stated Autry.

“Fried fowl may be ordered in any aggregate,” she stated, together with mild or darkish meat, with leg, wing, breast, or thigh pieces. The prices vary from an order of two pieces for $3—forty-nine up to 100 portions for $69.99. The wing orders come fried, hot, or barbecued, and the house sauces consist of ranch dressing, barbecue, or warm sauce. Most popular dish: A new object on the menu quickly gaining in popularity is the Loaded Steak Fries.
Massey Hill, Deli.

• Type of meals: American deli delicacies that include all-day breakfast, warm and bloodless sandwiches, burgers, fried fowl, wings, aspects, and cakes. Has take-out. Meats and cheeses are also bought through the pound.

• Price variety: $four.99 – $nine.50

“It tastes awesome,” Autry stated. So bring your appetite for this monster order of steak fries, crowned with gentle pieces of grilled steak, mixed with onion and bell peppers, smothered in creamy nacho cheese, with a dollop of sour cream on top. It prices $nine.99.

Also famous is the Big Boi Sandwich. “We make it your manner,” stated Autry. Customers may choose any three deli types of meat, cheese, or any toppings, she stated. The sandwich comes on a roll for $four.99 or a hero for $6.99.

Cheesecake is the deli’s most popular dessert, and it is available in a diffusion of flavors. Lemon or chocolate cake and pecan pie also are available.

Why ought to diners consume right here? “We serve proper food, organized the way our customers find it irresistible. We need everybody who visits to depart glad.”

Alison Minard

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