Pizza transport driving force

CLEVELAND — Police are looking for suspects who shot and killed a pizza delivery driving force early Sunday morning.

According to Cleveland police, officials responded to the 11800 blocks of Durant Avenue round nighttime for a man shot


Preliminary research revealed that the victim, a 28-12 months-antique guy, has been delivering pizza for Papa John’s in Cleveland Heights. He became reportedly parked in the front of a residence within the 11600 blocks of Durant while guys pulled up in a crimson car, exited their automobile and fired at the victim from both aspects of his automobile.

Police say the suspects then fled the scene in their vehicle.

The victim’s automobile traveled a brief distance and crashed into parked motors. Police discovered the 28-year-old in his automobile after they arrived on the scene.

Officials administered first useful resource. The guy became said lifelessly at the scene.

No arrests have not begun been made in connection to this capturing.

The Cleveland Division of Police murder unit is persevering with their investigation.

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