The Most Ridiculous (And True) Customer Service Stories

If you’ve ever discovered yourself feeling optimistic approximately the human situation, avoid a job in customer support. Seriously. Anyone who’s labored in any patron-going through function knows one component to be proper: human beings are rotten to the center. An enormously illuminating Reddit thread discovered how nasty and entitled sure clients can be, and it’ll cause memories for anyone who’s been a veteran of fast food service.

The Most Ridiculous (And True) Customer Service Stories 1

Put on your polyester uniform, adjust your headset and get prepared for 27 tales which might be so thoughts-bending lousy. They will make you need to depart your bad cashier a hundred and fifty% tip.

1. Take it to move (no, honestly, please depart)

I was running at a Quiznos outside a kid’s hospital at the time. I had a horrible Crohn’s flare, and it was early sufficient in my ailment that I nevertheless did not recognize exactly what the heck turned into occurring. So I’m looking to live on my ft and do my activity whilst this surly jerk is available in and comes to a decision he does not like my mindset. So tells me, “My kid’s inside the health facility; what’s your problem?!”

It turns out my trouble turned into that my intestines had scarred shut, and I would need surgical operation within a month to take out six inches. I still have to bathe conversations with the dude wherein I deliver him what-for.

I became 16, operating front line (cashier). A man walked up and, in place of ordering, he commenced talking about how his daughter turned into a clinical college. I smile, nod, say something like, “that sounds great.” He then responds with, “Yes. She did something with her existence, in contrast to you.”

3. He has literally visible it all

I worked at a popular Canadian espresso franchise for nearly ten years in the past.

One day, a pressure-thru consumer had a few types of altercation with a pair of pedestrians taking walks via the force-via. The way I apprehend it, the consumer had nearly hit the pedestrians — a person and his mom, after which he started shouting. This is what I heard over the power-via headset: “YOU WANNA FACE FULLA BICEP?! I’LL GIVE YA A FACE FULL OF BICEP!”

I had a teenage coworker who believed in Santa. When a mall Santa came into the shop, this coworker started searching out the windows for his sleigh. I had a consumer who asked a bagel “dripping in butter,” noting that she could “send it to lower back if there may be now not enough butter.” I buttered till the butter was soaking the paper. She sent it back, pretty livid. I positioned a BURGER PATTY well worth of butter at the bagel. She opened it again, inspected it, turned into sincerely nonetheless not happy, and drove away angrily.

4. I’ll take a further huge Powerade

I went handy a drink out the force-thru window, and someone of their automobile threw a huge blue Powerade all over me. My supervisor said if I went home early because of being soaked, I might be fired.

5. The fast and the furious (but in general livid)

While I turned into running at a sequence grocery keep, a middle-elderly female became pushing her cart via the automobile parking space whilst she misplaced control of it going downhill. It slammed into someone’s vehicle even as they have been in it. She tried to blame me while the individual went to confront her.

Luckily the person saw via her blaming it on me and proceeded to invite her again if the cart full of groceries had been hers. When she repeated it wasn’t, he shrugged and stated, “Guess it is no one,” then proceeded to load all of the groceries from her cart into his automobile, all even as she had to stand there and say nothing. If that automobile proprietor has been in a awful mood, it may’ve turned real unique for me.

6. Off the clock

I’ve had a client arise inside the center of the mall (while I turned into off shift) and tell me approximately how I forgot his sauce for his burritos.

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