The Super Mario Bros. X Sugarfina Candy Collab Is A Sweet Dose Of Nostalgia

There’s no denying the joys of experiencing today’s and best in the gaming world — but there’s something to be stated for unfashionable attraction, too. And if 8-bit snapshots do it for you in a manner that not anything else does — and also you occur to have a chunk of candy teeth — this collab is for you: The Super Mario Bros. X Sugarfina sweet series brings all of your favored retro Nintendo characters from the Mario franchise to existence inside the maximum delicious way feasible. The collection can be had online and in Sugarfina stores beginning on Monday, July 22, following a July 17 preview at San Diego Comic-Con. How’s that for some candy news?

Super Mario Bros
Originally started with the aid of candy-loving couple Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick in 2013, Sugarfina has grown to be widely known in latest years for its grown-up but amusing chocolates and treats. From rosé-flavored gummy bears to the cereal-stimulated “Candy For Breakfast” line, there’s touch something for anyone right here — and whilst they’re now not exactly reasonably-priced (a small, 3-to-4-ounce box of Sugarfina’s gummies or goodies normally costs around $7.50), they’re as beautiful as they’re delicious, presenting a delectable and kooky dessert alternative for adults who still the type of like to play with their meals.

In that feel, a collaboration between the sweet artisan store and Nintendo makes the best sense. Indeed, it even pushes all of Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O’Neill’s nostalgia buttons: Said O’Neill in a press launch furnished to Bustle, “I spent many Saturday mornings playing Super Mario Bros. On my conventional NES — which I nevertheless have! — so this collaboration brought returned heaps of amusing reminiscence from formative years.” If you, too, grew up gambling Super Mario Bros., which turned into launched in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, and you have a keenness for chocolates, you’ll absolute confidence locate this collaboration positively delightfully. (I know I sure do.)

Although you could purchase Sugarfina’s gummies, candies, and other candies in 25-pound bulk baggage, they’re generally offered in what the company calls Candy Cubes — clean packing containers that showcase the treats’ visible enchantment. Candy Cubes are to be had in two sizes: Small, which measures 2.18 inches cubed and holds three to four oz of sweet, and Large, which measures three.25 inches cubed and holds 10 to 14 oz of chocolates. These cubes are available individually — or you can position numerous of them collectively right into a Candy Bento Box.

Sugarfina’s signature presentation fashion, Candy Bentos, take their cues from Japanese bento bins — unmarried-serving meals made of small servings of several unique factors divvied up and supplied in boxes (and beautifully so, at that). Bentos are accurate at any time of day. However, they’re handy for lunch when you’re on the pass or each; certainly, most fundamental railway stations in Japan have stores dedicated absolutely to Bentos you can take hold of and eat on the train.

Sugarfina’s Candy Bento Boxes adapt the bento concept into a modular present field device filled with extraordinary Candy Cubes. Available in sizes starting from three-piece Bentos to 20-piece “candy trunks,” the Candy Bentos assist you in filing a bigger field with the Candy Cubes of your preference for a customized enjoy; or, you may select from certainly one of the numerous pre-designed preparations, like the Sweet & Sparkling collection complete of Sugarfina’s great champagne-, rosé-, and different wine-stimulated alternatives.

Given that Sugarfina is as famous for its Candy Bento Boxes as it is for its person candies, it’s no surprise that the Super Mario Bros. X Sugarfina collaboration features some especially-designed packing containers — but consider you me after I say that these aren’t an everyday Candy Bentos. Instead, there are sorts, each of that’s greater wonderful than the ultimate. The smaller model — the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Candy Bento Box — is designed to appear like a conventional NES controller; the reusable box includes a drawer that can be slid open and packed with any Candy Cubes you want. Meanwhile, the bigger option — the Nintendo Entertainment System Console Candy Bento Box — looks as if an actual 1985 NES domestic console and holds 3 Candy Cubes. But that’s not all it holds; when you open it up, you’ll see the iconic Super Mario Bros. Quit-of-level citadel scene… while the container performs, you tune from the game.

As Rosie O’Neill said in a press launch, “We’ve usually desired to create a Candy Bento Box that plays the tune, and this collab become the proper opportunity to feature a nostalgic touch with music from the iconic recreation.” Now that’s what I name willpower. When I say, via the way, that you can fill those unique version Bentos with any Candy Cubes you like, I do suggest that — however, I imply, permit’s face it: The arms-down fine options are the unique Super Mario Bros. X Sugarfina Candy Cubes. It’s really worth noting that the chocolate interior of these cubes isn’t sincerely fashioned like Mario characters; you won’t, alas, discover gummy variations of Mario “Jumpman” Mario or a navy of tiny, chocolate Princess Peach clones inner each Candy Cube. However, you’ll find Mario man or woman-adjacent gadgets within the cubes — cubes that are, you’ll examine, adorned with adorable pixel artwork relating the corresponding man or woman.

The dice embellished with Mario himself includes pineapple-flavored, gummy Invincible Stars; in Luigi’s cube are gummy apple Green 1-Up Mushrooms; Toad’s cube grants you cherry-flavored Red Mushroom gummies; the Princess Peach cube gives forth pink and white “Princess Pearls”; within the Goomba dice are Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels; and Bowser? Bowser’s cube has milk chocolate Marshmallow Eggs. I had no concept that Bowser became even capable of laying eggs; however, on the other hand, he is an unmarried figure, so I guess all the one’s youngsters had to come from someplace, proper?

In addition to filling a Candy Bento with the Nintendo-themed Candy Cubes, you’ll additionally be able to buy them in my view — and if you need to get dressed up a single dice a little bit, you can try this, too: The very last object of the collection is a Question Mark Block present field that holds simply one cube. Hide the dice of your preference inner and gift it to your preferred Nintendo fan too, as the click launch suggests, “maintain them guessing.” (Recognize, make certain they know that they don’t should punch the field to find out what’s inner. Super Mario Bros. Is, after all, only a sport.)

Each Candy Cube can be priced at $7.50 a pop, with the 2-piece NES Controller Bento walking at $20 and the three-piece NES Console Bento clocking in at $30. After an exclusive preview at San Diego Comic-Con on July 17, they’ll launch in-store and online on Monday, July 22. Head on over to Sugarfina’s internet site for more. And within the interim, I promise that your princess isn’t in some other fortress this time.


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