The Underdog of Latin American Cuisine

Bolivia’s cuisine is like a lovely character who doesn’t know they’re lovely.

Argentina has Asado. Brazil has churrascaria, and Bolivia’s meals…is not Always discussed all that plenty. But folks who journey to the underrated united states of America find that it’s similar to its meals: humble, natural, and complete of character. From consolation food to 5-big name delicacies, the meals in Bolivia packs a punch—normally in the maximum unassuming institutions—that might rival its greater popular friends.

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Here are ten dishes we tried on our most recent experience to La Paz that are uniquely Bolivian and could make you need to move there, like, the day gone by.

Sopa de Mani (Peanut Soup)

Maybe it’s the modest call that makes this conventional soup so surprising—“peanut soup” doesn’t precisely sound existence-converting. But, in reality, it’s the first-rate issue we ate in Bolivia, and our handiest remorse isn’t always licking the bowl. The peanut-infused broth is wealthy and creamy, anchored by a hunk of meat at the bone, plus pasta (marvel!) that’s fried for extra taste, and it’s crowned with potato chips for a satisfyingly salty crunch.


Bolivia’s solution to the empanada, those beef, and potato-filled pastry wallets are eaten as a savory breakfast snack—and we’re disenchanted no one has ever advised us was a choice, via the way. You can locate them all over La Paz; however, those bought through street companies are normally just as delicious as those in restaurants. Get going early, though; they notoriously disappear through the afternoon.

Llama Steak

Yes, we ate a llama, and we experience guilty about it, ok? But let’s look at the facts: There are extra than three million llamas in Bolivia, so it’s no longer sudden that their meat is fed simply as cows are in the U.S. In truth, the Andean forte seems on almost every Bolivian menu, occasionally in sophisticated recipes like llama carpaccio. The verdict: It’s tasty. However, it may be chewy due to the fact the meat is so lean. So ours become served with another traditional food, purple quinoa, and maybe the excellent avocado we’ve ever had.

American Cuisine

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