Turkish food makes inroads in Qatar

By Sidi Mohamed I The Peninsula

Turkish delicacies are one of the most famous food alternatives closest to Arab cuisine, especially that of the Levant. It offers appetizers, fundamental guides, cakes and liquids which might be well-known round the sector. The Turkish cuisine varies from area to place within Turkey itself and includes many dishes.

In Qatar, the maximum popular dishes which most Turkish eating places provide are grilled ones together with Kabab, Shawarma, Kofta, in addition to pies and appetizers and additionally Pizza.

Turkish eating places, especially casual eating places, are unfolded throughout Qatar and are cherished via each person. There is a couple of Turkish restaurant in a few regions because of the high call for like inside the Old Airport region.

Replying to a question approximately the reasons of developing demand for Turkish meals, an operator of a Turkish eating place in Matar Qadeem stated: “Many those who live here are people who do now not have households right here, so they select eating out of doors. For families, they come totally on weekends. Another aspect is the less costly rate.”

Another operator of Turkish restaurant Marmara Istanbul in Al Sadd stated: “Most of the clients come on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All the communities, whether Arab, Asian, European or African are journeying our restaurant. What makes Turkish cuisine unique is that anyone like it.”

Along with informal eating restaurants, Turkish quality dining eating places are frequently visited not best by the Turkish community however also by Qatari citizens and different expatriate groups. Size at Mall of Qatar and Hassan Kolcuoglu at The Pearl Qatar are amongst them.

Most of the employees particularly chefs in these eating places hail from Turkey to give meals the authentic taste.

“I like the manner they prepare dinner fowl. In my opinion, Turkish cuisine is a fusion and refinement of all cuisines across the World from Eastern European and Balkan to Middle Eastern cuisines,” said Abdel Raheem from India, a purchaser at Habeeb Restaurant in Old Airport Area.

If there may be one traditional dessert well worth trying out when you step inner a Turkish restaurant, it has got to be Turkish Baklava. This sweet and scrumptious deal with is regularly considered as a “countrywide dessert” for a whole lot of Turkey or even most Mediterranean international locations.

Let’s take a brief take a look at the history of Turkish Baklava and how this tasty dessert cuisine has come to be a staple in most Turkish food nowadays.


There’s no clean, defining mark on in which and while Baklava become first made. All we recognize is that lots of the Middle East, Greeks, Jews, Arabs, Balkans and of the path, Turks, all claim the Baklava as their national dessert.

Most of these international locations certainly belonged to the Ottoman Empire, so it’s safe to mention that the Baklava originated as an Ottoman dessert. There is still quite a piece of rivalry with this specifically since the Ottoman Empire is often associated with “Turks,” the Greeks and Arabs are not especially keen on this concept.

Whether Baklava first began in the empire or now not, there’s no question that its cutting-edge form has developed from the Ottoman period. In truth, in the 17th century, the Baklava become so famous that a palace lifestyle is known as “baklava always” (parade) become held. In the pageant, janissaries marched into the palace every fifteenth day of the Ramadan to collect trays of baklava. There could be one baklava for every ten infantrymen as organized through the palace chefs.

Modern Baklava

Today, there are speciality shops that promote the most effective Baklava. Turkish meals restaurants and speciality stores regularly serve Baklava of their own twist. However, the very fundamental baklava includes a stack of phyllo pastry (a thin crust of dough) that’s filled via a spread of chopped nuts and then sweetened by honey or syrup.

Turkish Cuisine

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