Two New Ventures for Bangkok Air Catering (BAC)

BAC declares its new ventures, including the primary-ever professional airline catering unit at Chiang Mai International Airport and the in-flight carrier company at Don Mueang Airport.

Bangkok Air Catering

Marking the outlet rite on 8th July, the business enterprise’s Swiss-born Managing Director, Linus A.E. Knobel, promised “a sizable upgrade to the in-flight catering offerings currently on offer to international and nearby providers at Chiang Mai.”

On 1st July, BAC, in alliance with its revolutionary sister organization, Gourmet Primo, started a first-rate catering services agreement at Don Mueang. Formerly Bangkok’s international airport, Don Mueang, has reinvented itself in current years as a thriving hub for price range airways and short-haul routes, in addition to VIP and charter flights.

Gourmet Primo is already diagnosed as a supplier of custom-designed meal solutions and a plant that manufactures pinnacle-satisfactory ingredients. While BAC presents in-flight offerings, Gourmet Primo delivers a whole variety of culinary solutions to low-cost airways, as well as VIP and constitution flights at Don Mueang.

Heralding the 5-yr deal, Knobel said: “I’m very proud of this vote of self-assurance in Bangkok Air Catering from Airports of Thailand.” He has been at the wheel of Bangkok Air Catering since it began operations in 2006, providing in-flight catering for simply purchaser airlines at Suvarnabhumi. BAC went on to hit a top manufacturing stage of 38,000 meals a day and now boasts a portfolio of over twenty global companies on the Kingdom’s important airport.

Knobel and his amazing team also manage another two gadgets on Samui (BAC-USM) and Phuket (BAC-HKT). BAC-USM particularly components Bangkok Airways and a busy assortment of constitutional flights, while BAC-HKT caters to international and regional carriers (efficiently operating for over two years).

“We have introduced the maximum superior equipment to all of our devices and structures that are completely compliant with GMP and HACCP, in addition to Halal and Kosher. That’s helped us establish a reputation for food offerings that are always safe and usually great.”

Knobel adds that, in preference to going helter-skelter for growth, he and his team have aimed to grow gradually but well, and paintings with the strong Marketing Tools of high great of meals and top-notch carrier.

1. Schedule a session

Any reputable catering organization needs to provide you a complimentary session to discuss your specific wishes and necessities. This is a good opportunity to get a concept of the agency and the people you will be dealing with. In addition, you get a sense of the level of expertise and knowledge they offer and the way relaxed you’re handling them.

2. Sample the food

It is apparent – before spending $20,000 on your wedding reception, you need to ensure that the food is precisely what you assume. Different catering agencies would possibly have different policies when it comes to food tastings. Some caterers will rate you a nominal price to do away with those who aren’t serious; others will do it at no cost.

3. Ask for references

There’s not anything incorrect approximately asking a catering organization for references. It may also be an excellent idea to study through the patron testimonials – and now not simply on the enterprise internet site however in other assets as nicely. At this point, wherein social media defines how we conduct business, businesses can not cover something anymore. So, do you home paintings, examine approximately the caterer you remember doing enterprise with.

4. Understand terms and situations

When reviewing a settlement, ensure you read and recognize phrases and conditions. There are three main questions you need to ask:

1) Payment agenda. Most catering companies will ask you for a deposit. It is probably a set quantity or a percentage of the full invoice. Sometimes they’ll charge some other element 2 weeks previous to the occasion and the remaining balance proper after the feature when all the charges are finalized.

2) Cancellation coverage. What occurs if your want to cancel your occasion? Will you lose the deposit? What is the reduce-off time when you can cancel with no penalties? Be very clear of the cancellation coverage and get everything in writing.

3) Changes to the visitor count number and menu. When is a reduce-off date for making the changes to the menu and number of visitors? Normally a catering organization will require all the information 72 hours previous to the occasion. At that factor, you’ll want to verify “guaranteed numbers.” So if your assured quantity is 200 people, and 8 hours before the event, your attendee numbers drop to one hundred eighty, it will be too past due to adjusting, and you’ll pay for 200 humans.


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