Beat the heat: Mumbai crowd chills with lassi; Belgian chocolate ice-cream a hit in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Lassi, bloodless coffee, and watermelon juice are some of the preferred beverages helping humans throughout India beat the searing warmth.


The temperature is hovering, spreading the heatwave blues all over India. But humans have come up with their personal methods to conquer the heat, mainly with chillers like lassi and cold espresso. Uber Eats on Monday launched the Indian bankruptcy of The Eats Cravings Report 2019. Conducted among January and May 2019, the file found out that Mumbai clocked within the greatest wide variety of orders for lassi.

It additionally stated that Jaipur ditched the traditional tangy summer drink of jal-jeera for a chilled cup of cold coffee, even as Pune opted for an awesome antique cup of hot tea. Chennai saved it wholesomely with a fresh glass of watermelon juice. Oreo shake topped beverage charts across Mangalore. The findings additionally provide perception into a number of the maximum extensively recei…

It found out that each town has its personal non-public preferred flavor – people in Bengaluru stayed genuine to their roots with the greatest wide variety of gentle coconut ice cream, while Mumbaikars are beating the heat with strawberry ice cream. Belgian chocolate satiated palates for Delhiites, whilst Mango changed into the maximum popular flavor in Pune. Indians binged on chocolate milkshake the maximum with close competition from hot chocolate sundaes and Death By Chocolate past when it comes to chocolate.

Want to have an ice cream party but don’t know where to begin? It sounds like great fun! But how do you plan great ice cream parties easily and hassle-free? Whether you want to have a kid party with ice cream or just bored, and you need to add some spunk to your next party, playing with ice cream can be a delicious treat or project for kids and adults alike! You can throw an ice cream sundae party, an ice cream dessert party, have an ice cream picnic…there’s no limit to what you can do with ice cream!

Below are some specific directions and a list of ideas about the ice cream you need for your ice cream party. You may have an upcoming birthday party you are hosting for one of your children, or you might be wondering what to serve for your next get-together. Ice cream is an all-time favorite during any time of year, so dig in and find some great ideas for ice cream parties below!

* Ice Cream Sundae Party

An ice cream sundae party is always fun. Everyone can make their own dessert – just the way they like it! Whether it be lots of chocolate, lots of fruit, or lots of sauce – everyone will be able to enjoy their own delicious sundae creation! When getting toppings for the sundaes, you can choose to get various toppings or choose to go with a theme. For example, topping themes could include only chocolate toppings, only fruit toppings, only Christmas-theme (or another holiday) toppings…let the toppings help reinforce the theme of your party!

What looks gross yet is really yummy? Dirt Ice Cream! Imagine your guest’s or family’s confusion when they see dirt, and yet they taste the yummy ice cream! This is a simple recipe and yet is quite decorative. It is served in a flower pot along with flower-shaped cookies that are planted in ice cream. It’s perfect for any kid’s party with ice cream. You can find the directions for this Flower Bouquet Ice Cream Dessert in the link below.

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