Domino’s in Japan Debuts New Pizza

As many pizza lovers will let you know, cheese is a big deal. Sure, you may get pizzas without cheese if that is your issue, however, for maximum folks, it’s the cheese that is one of if no longer the maximum sizeable element of a fantastic pie. It’s your base topping, in the end. Everything else is going on top, however cheese? Cheese is king. However, Domino’s in Japan is taking the idea that the greater cheese, the higher to a wild new level with the release of a pie that carries a whole pounds of cheesy goodness.

Called the “New Yorker One-Kilo Ultimate Cheese”, the pizza is blanketed with one kilogram — simply over pounds — of mozzarella cheese spread out over a 15-inch pizza. According to Kotaku, this splendid tacky pizza fees kind of $37 for shipping or $24 if picked up in the keep. The pie, that’s a response to the fulfillment of a pizza released in 2018 that featured four instances the regular amount of cheese, will handiest be to be had through Jun 23.

That’s a brief quantity of time to ceremonial dinner upon all that cheese; however in keeping with SoraNews24, it doesn’t sound quite like the New Yorker One-Kilo Ultra Cheese is a pizza that won’t precisely be one you eat time and again. SoraNews24 reporter Ahiru Neko gave the hugely cheesy pizza a shot and observed that the slices were so heavy with cheese that it truely gave manner — two pounds is a log of cheese in spite of everything.

F path, this supremely tacky pizza isn’t the first time Domino’s in Japan has done some particular matters within the call of pizza. In addition to the 4-times the cheese pizza final 12 months, in 2016 Domino’s enlisted the help of reindeer to deliver their pizzas as part of a contingency plan for dealing with deliveries in iciness conditions which had been anticipated to be specifically brutal that year. Unfortunately, the pizza organization became unable to pretty make the reindeer transport plan paintings. It turns out it turned into too tough to manipulate the reindeer, with some walking away while apprehensive or the pizzas turning into broken in transit. The business enterprise resolved their reindeer scenario by dressing up delivery scooters in reindeer apparel.

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