Espresso grounds to coloration the ‘COFFIRE’ pendant mild

For one, among his contemporary creations entitled ‘COFFIRE,’ Shikai Zhang explores the use of discarded coffee grounds as a sustainable method of coloring porcelain lights. Inspired by historical pit-firing techniques for pottery making, the challenge intends to create an ‘imperfect’ product that bureaucracy a dating between commercial standardized production and craftsmanship. The result is a series of reddish, marble-effect pendant lamps, each one having its specific sample of swirls and textures,


The method evolved by way of zhang entails a low-temperature firing procedure at seven-hundred-a thousand°c. The COFFEE pendant lamps are made from remarkable porcelain clay in Jingdezhen. After firing, the body is white, vivid, and glossy and feels clean and delicate. The interaction between the biodiesel and the sugar within the coffee grounds, which oxidizes to crimson matter, bureaucracy a random texture at the surface of the ceramics (the surface texture is encouraged with the aid of many variables, together with temperature, humidity, coffee grounds density, and many others).

COFFEE follows the concept of sustainable layout using exploring a brand new possibility to treat discarded coffee grounds. Further, coffee grounds make certain a secure product compared to traditional pit firing, which tends to apply toxic metals as coloring materials. The undertaking additionally replaces the conventional sandpit with a gasoline kiln to gain mass production, fixing the excessive waste price of conventional pit firing.

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