Jakarta Cafe: Family Business Serves Up Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Jakarta Cafe replicates the culinary traditions of Indonesians for a unique Madisonian meals cart experience. In 2013, Maggie and Dewi Jingga took a break from online cooking video games to begin a commercial enterprise within the real world. The Jingga sisters, each mother, decided to embark on a brand new culinary journey together that protected their households.

Jakarta Cafe

“The a laugh thing I like is direct touch with customers, and they give comments,” Owner Maggie Jingga said. Jakarta Cafe’s most effective dish consists of a creamy fowl curry observed by a facet of candy crunchy hash browns and roasted peanuts over steamed white rice. This homemade dish combines the flavors of Jakarta, both sweet and highly spiced, in a single dish. Jingga additionally said people love the Olympia or Indonesian egg rolls to dip in their selfmade chili sauce as nicely. Her family spends about 5 hours making pounds of their homemade sauce every week.

“In Indonesia, all the food is special,” Jingga said.

Jingga grew up inside the Special Capital Region of Jakarta earlier than relocating to the USA. She describes Jakarta as an agricultural place acknowledged for its fresh vegetables. Jingga stated the freshness of the meals is what makes Indonesian delicacies unique. “Where I come from in Indonesia, we don’t use microwaves,” she said. She additionally said Indonesian cuisine is unique because it calls for greater time and effort. Jingga said every dish carries flavors created by hours of work before putting the cart up for customers.

“We have farmers’ markets all year long,” she said.

When Maggie and her sister Dewi notion about beginning an enterprise, the Jingaa sisters wanted to create actual Indonesian delicacies that reminded them of domestic. They additionally desired to provide a wholesome alternative to common American delicacies. As a result, Jingga said a maximum of Jakarta Cafe’s dishes are vegan and gluten-free.

“I have clients that comply with me everywhere due to the fact all in their own family individuals have allergic reactions,” she stated. Jingga said she loves exploring the specific neighborhoods that make up Madison and sometimes collaborating in food activities out of state. For example, on unique activities, Jakarta Cafe will promote rolled ice cream. The ice cream, each light on the stomach and clean at the eyes, draw customers who revel in a chilly fresh treat without the sugary sweetness of everyday ice cream. Instead, rolled ice cream tastes creamy and melts after each spoonful.

“You can see how we make it because we bring the device,” Jingga said. This makes the revel in both a laugh for children and adults. Dewi Jingga has three sons of her own, while Maggie Jingga has two daughters. Maggie enjoys bringing her daughters to her own family-pleasant events she delivered the cart to. “When I began my meals cart, my kids had been already in kindergarten,” she stated. Jingga said the girls help round now. She said they prefer hanging around with their mom.

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