Joey’s Juices elevating money for American Cancer Society this summer

A nine-year-antique boy whose dad died of most cancers is now on a challenge. He wants to store others by way of elevating money for the American Cancer Society.

Joey’s Juices is raising cash for most cancers. Joey Giest is the young man at the back of it, and he were given to hand over the first large take a look at from his fundraising efforts Thursday.

Joey grew up looking for his dad provide again to his community.

Fire Warden Lt. Michael Geist, of Bath, became a firefighter with the Bushkill Township Volunteer Fire Company. His life was reduced quickly this 12 months when he misplaced his conflict to a rare mind most cancers.

That spirit of serving others is alive and well in his son.

“I love supporting human beings, and that’s considered one of my favored matters,” Joey said.

Joey wants to do all that he can to hold others from experiencing the grief he’s now going through.

Originally, he was going to sell his Pokemon cards until BAYADA Hospice, in which his dad become a patient, stepped in.

They helped him fundraise by using making him a custom-made lemonade stand called “Joey’s Juices” that looks similar to a firetruck.

His efforts paid off Thursday: Joey got to present a test for $601.18.

“You realize we have had a whole lot of youth over time that I’ve been around doing some one-of-a-kind components of fundraising, however in no way to this quantity,” stated Mark Stankiewicz with the American Cancer Society.

Joey says this just the beginning.

“He’s very committed to it, and he sincerely desires to help discover a therapy,” Stankiewicz said.

Joey’s Juice’s stands might be stoning up at some stage in the network this summer. Joey says while he grows up, he desires to be firefighter similar to his dad become.

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