‘Coffee planters treat employees as bonded labourers’

A few coffee planters inside the district treat their plantation workers as bonded laborers after lending loans to them, alleged Zilla Adivasi Hakkugala Samanvaya Samiti. Samiti Secretary Y K Ganesh instructed media persons on Thursday that the debtors tend to repay loans frequently. But laborers who default on their compensation are pressured to work as bonded laborers, he said.

Coffee planters
“Many laborers are from tribal groups like Arava, Kuruba, and Paniya, who live in line houses (quarters) in coffee plantations,” he said.
Ganesh stated, “When the laborers are not in a situation to repay the loans, the coffee property owners make the most of them by drawing extra work for decrease wages. The district administration and the labor department should provide justice to such exploited laborers.  There are also planters which provide accurate facilities to the plantation laborers. But some planters were exploiting the laborers. “The planters are sure to pay minimal wages of Rs 324 per day as in keeping with the regulation. The planters, who own extra than 4 acres of land, must provide all basic facilities to their laborers. But the guidelines are flouted with impunity,” he charged. Samiti President Y A Ravi alleged that the plantation proprietors who provide loans to people create fake ledgers and manage the figures.

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