Gothamist Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ice Cream To Buy In NYC

Your favored ice cream is possibly anything one first melted all over your fingers as a youth—nothing tastes better than the candy ache of nostalgia. For me, it was a cone of Carvel soft serve. Sure, I dabbled in some M&M ice cream from the vintage Heibeck’s on Danbury Road, and I by no means turned down a cone from Stew Leonard’s, but we had been a Carvel own family. Cookie Puss for birthdays and gentle serve for regular days. Their options are what some may additionally call simple, but I name classic. My desire: vanilla ice cream and don’t be stingy with the one’s rainbow sprinkles, served in a cone and gobbled while sitting within the automobile within the parking lot with my dad on visits to Connecticut.

Favorite Ice Cream
But you may find Carvel in NYC, too—you will discover the Manhattan one on John Street in FiDi, and a rep tells me some other is beginning quickly in Herald Square. I’m also advised that we’ll be seeing Carvel trucks all over quickly (I’ve spotted plenty in Brooklyn already). But for the genuine experience, head to Metropolitan Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, in which you will be able to order up your ice cream at one of their stunning retro shops.
Bonus: On National Ice Cream Day, they will have a BOGO provide (Free Cup or Cone of Soft Ice Cream) at all full-provider Carvel locations.

Various locations at some stage in NYC

My first flavor of Ice and Vice changed into the 2014 Vendy Awards, the year Ken Lo and Paul Kim took domestic Best Dessert honors for their Long Island City pop-up. I right away fell in love with their adorable, clean textures and the stunning depth in their flavors, and five years, four shops/kiosks, and hundreds of scoops later, Lo and Kim nevertheless recognize how to buckle my knees every goddamn time. Sitting on that rickety bench outside their East Broadway flagship, on any night time, at any time of yr, and tucking into a double scoop of actually something in the store, has been one of the outstanding pleasures of this part of my lifestyles. And if the extra experimental offerings like Colt. Forty-five (toasted barley, chicory root, spiced mole) or Ants On a Farm (raisin, celery, gianduja chocolate chips) aren’t your elements (though each of these has been first-rate), Ice and Vice also makes, as an instance, the staggeringly suitable Basic B, that is the single quality vanilla ice cream you’ll ever devour to your lifestyles.

Located at 221 East Broadway, Times Square, 27-20 Jackson Avenue in LIC, and fifty-five Water Street in DUMBO’s Time Out Market (that is currently shuttered by way of the DOH); iceandvice.Com.


Chocolate chip is a taste that’s all about balance. Unfortunately, way too many ice cream makers (I’m looking at you, Haagen Dazs) get it wrong: the chips are manner too chunky or abundant and land up overwhelming the vanilla. The Baskin-Robbins version, which’s one of the older varieties, isn’t made of chips; however, rather speckled flakes that dissolve on your mouth. Their vanilla is creamy however not too dense. Combined, it is the art of sweet and bitter.

Various places in the course of NYC


The perfect summertime ice cream treat is usually a few yards away, nestled in a cardboard container at the bottom of a bodega freezer. For $2.50, the Snickers Ice Cream Bar is a nostalgic treat whose taste and consistency have not dwindled over time (I’m searching at you, Nutty Buddy). It’s essential which you give it a minimum of two mins in the humid air before opening—the caramel and ice cream need time to wake up and speak to each other differently. Yes, the chocolate will soften a touch. However, that ought to show up to correctly coat the whole peanuts that still marvel you mid-chew. There’s no need to fear approximately completing an entire “pint.” Once it’s long past, it’s long past. Damn.

At your local bodega


Is there any better summer season pastime than plunging a heated spoon into a cold carton of Phish Food? No, there isn’t. I say this not as a fan of Phish (they are fine) but as a real believer within the idea that Ben & Jerry’s is running at a degree unheard of within the ice cream landscape. You ought to spend years spelunking for cookie dough from each store-bought ice cream container in the country, and you continue to wouldn’t discover bigger or higher slabs than Half Baked’s. Sure, pairing the one’s gobs with chunks of fudge brownie might be audacious, but we are speakme approximately heavily sweetened milk fats here; there’s no want to be understated. Ben & Jerry’s has three Manhattan locations, and pints can be determined within the freezer of pretty a lot every bodega—be sure you trust your dealer.

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