An hour for a coffee?

Hey Coffee, located in a mall near Huaihai Road E., has not only always been No. 1 at the Shanghai coffee ranking list on dianping.Com because it opened; however, it’s additionally the espresso keep with probably one of the longest queues in Shanghai. The owner, Hou Jun, a Shanghainese born inside the Nineteen Sixties and a graduate of Nankai University, used to be a businessman.


He resigned to become a barista and opened the 10-rectangular-meter coffee store, selling Shanghai-fashion coffees he created himself. When we arrived at the espresso save at 10:20 am, there has been already a queue of about ten human beings, most there specifically to strive for the unique coffees.

The maximum-ordered coffees are yogurt, coffee, and espresso with alcohol, rice wine, or Baileys. The proprietor likes to offer coffee advice to his customers; this is one reason why many people like this shop.

“Can you preserve your liquor?” Hou requested a lady in the front folks when she ordered Bailey’s latte. “There’s quite a few Baileys in it, be careful not to get drunk,” he stated. If you order too many kinds of espresso to try, he’s going to refuse to take your order “because you’re wasting the beverages.”

And there may be a menu for typical clients, named “Hey Special.” The most well-known is salt soda American coffee. Customers also can come up with their very own thoughts for a special cup — simplest in case you are on his list of repeat customers. As anticipated, he refused our request for a “Hey Special.”

The espresso save is genuinely tiny. There are two best small stools inside, and a small tea table about 10 centimeters huge. Unfortunately, after ordering, you have to stand inside the middle of the stools and the small desk, so it’s tough to take a seat.

Most coffees are handy to put off, but the maximum well-known one, the yogurt espresso, filling a clean plastic cup, seems precise but is actually smooth to spill. We know that due to the fact we spilled ours on the floor, slightly 10 seconds after you have it.

This compact cafe has no fancy trimmings and the best two seats in the basement of vintage office construction. Yet what it lacks in square photos it makes up for in coffee-making nous. The proprietor is pleasant and keen to impart his ardor for coffee to a receptive fan if there isn’t an extended queue.

Who is going:

This place has ended up quite a state-of-the-art these days amongst those seeking something distinctive from the standard coffee options.


  • The menu is in Chinese and English.
  • Opening hours:
  • Monday to Sunday, nine: 30 am to 6 pm (closed on Thursdays)
  • Address:
  • B1, 500 Jinling Rd E. (Ya Long International Plaza), Huangpu District

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